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Brazilian Feijoada – Black Bean & Pork Stew Recipe

Learn how to make a Brazilian Feijoada recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2012/12/brazilian-feijoada-happy-and-hopefully.html for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 780 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Brazilian Feijoada recipe!


  1. Ndagire priscila

    Cassava flour is made out of cassava mostly grows in tropics and Africa,Caribbean.. I eat cassava every morning

  2. shirtshine73blitz

    Can I used Canned Black Beans?

  3. Is fully wrong

  4. I AM from Brazil And love ALL videos that you post. How you make dishes your way And more easy for us to copy. Thx, here we use more parts of pork, i think you know. Like feet, ear, ribs… Give more tasty(i love fat)… But you make a way that is realy smilar/equal yours… clap clap…Yummm love feijoada

  5. Vitor Hugo Loureiro

    Isso não é feijoada!

  6. Brazilitalia br

    Love feijoada

  7. Jonathan Schroeder

    I knew I could count on you chef john, just what I was looking for, and you have it!

  8. Someone jump in the DeLorean and give the 2012 version of Chef John an Instant Pot for those beans.

  9. consider making it in a pression pan, would save u much time n gas

  10. Fleugar OutDoors

    In Brazil, I think this is called in english, "fish Water"

  11. Eclectica Eclectica

    American are trying so hard to gain weight right there too. Kim K. And several others are no Brazilian and look at them..

  12. I was trying to find something wrong with the recipe the whole video, but you did a really good job. Congrats!!

  13. Holy macarroni this is the fanciest feijoada I've ever seen in my life

  14. Not for nothing but my neighbors make this stew and it is horrendous but it keeps the Mosquitos away. South and Central American cuisine are great but this dish is truly an acquired taste.

  15. thanks for sharing -making this for Xmas

  16. Thiago Araujo Icibaci

    I'm brazilian and a huge fan! Thanks for this! That video made my day and gave me some ideas to replicate this dish where I live now, Toronto. You're the best!

  17. In the part of America where I'm from you can get cassava flour and most things that grow in Brazil, and the carribean, fejoada is the best especially with the cassava onion and garlic mix

  18. Elisandro Pereira Gama

    Love feijoada

  19. Thi Hills Music

    My favorite brazilian dish!

  20. iff you add half tsp brown sugar it will take it to another level

  21. Nice stew. I wouldn't soak and discard the bean water though. Using it retains a ton of flavor and makes the stew a nice, deep color. The extra farting is totally worth it.

  22. What in blazes does a bay leaf do, and why do we put it in so many soups? This is definitely a favorite down here in South America, and my Spanish school cafeteria serves this about once a month, even here in Buenos Aires. Even the Argentines have to admit that Brazil's got 'em beat with this dish!

  23. Red beans and rice down here in Louisiana!

  24. why does this dish use water and not something like chicken stock?

  25. I have been a huge Chef John fan sine 2009 and I have NO CLUE how I missed this recipe until just now. I lived in Brazil from 2002-2016 and you nailed it Chef John!
    Of course some things are different because you are in the USA and it can't be 100% Brazilian… but you did GREAT!
    I plan to make my first feijoada outside of Brazil soon, as I now live in China. All we can do is the best we can with the ingredients we can get!
    Thanks for another great video! Chef! And thanks for these two gems:
    "But there's two problems with that… Number one, I don't know what that is and number two, I'm out of it." 😂
    "You are going to be required by law to serve it with white rice" 😂

  26. Vinicíus Barbosa

    Brasil crime ocorre nada acontece feijoada

  27. Eliel Severino Da Silva

    Que porra de feijoada e essa

  28. the meal s very portugese indeed, it's like fracesinhas in soup

  29. Decent shot at making feijoada. I'm brazilian and it made me hungry 😉

  30. Jessica Grether


  31. I ate this in Brazil and loved it, and love ur channel and so glad I can make this yay!!

  32. Leonardo Varuzza

    Looks really good, although the more tradicional feijoada is made with less noble meats like pork foot and ears but nowadays people prefer a more "light" feijoada with less fat.

  33. divina mitchell

    looks healthy delicious and appetizing

  34. This guy really sounds like he knows what he's talking about!

  35. Which came first: the Feijoada or the Cassoulet?

  36. 1) Casava is a distant relative to the potatoes, or sweet potatoes (being other Tuber Root).
    The Cassava's flour goes really well along with the same identical seasonings from the beans. Maybe just add a little Oregano (Wild Marjoram).

    2) We usually side that meal with "Couve à Mineira", which is Kale/Cole leaves (made following the traditional Minas Gerais way) fried and braised with the same pork parts of the Feijoada and also onions and garlic chopped.

    3) The Orange is usually a common dessert after this meal, just for the sake of being really digestive.

  37. Thanks Chef John! I'm gonna try this!

  38. The origins of the feijoada comes from the slaves, and back then it was made with all the bad meats, like pig ears, nose, feet, knee and even the tail!

  39. this food is very good!!🖒👍

  40. Chef John, a nice and also traditional topping to the feijoada is a Brazilian spicy version of the pico de gallo. The acidic spicy taste goes really well with the thicker, fatter presence of the feijoada. Also kale sautéed is a nice traditional side to it.

  41. João Daniel Fonseca Freire

    Chef John, there's two things I want to do with you.
    1- buy a beer to you and your wife.
    2- cook you a feijoada.
    Really thanks for showing our cuisine for the world.

  42. Deviam chamar a isso de carnada nao feijoada, porra eu que adoro carne e como sempre muita fiquei impressionado com quanta meteu

  43. lol, I like this guy! I could listen to his voice all day. He has a nice sense of humor

  44. You rock! We plate it with white rice and "chiffonade" sautéed kale with garlic (we call it "couve à mineira", from Minas Gerais), along with some salad, "farofa" (cassava flour w/ lots of butter, onions, garlic, sometimes eggs or bacon, and a little parsley, just like you did – love the orange zests btw) and the orange slices (i prefer to squeeze some lemon over), generally with a home-made chilli sauce 🙂

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