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Air Fryer Recipes You’ll Be Addicted To (Vegan Classics)

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  1. Cheap Lazy Vegan

    for my CANADIAN beauties! You can still get the discount on their WEBSITE with the same code 25LAZYVEGAN – http://bit.ly/2Hc8o9Z

  2. Damn that cauliflower looked good, had me droolin…

  3. My favorite way to do kale chips is just a little bit of lemon juice with garlic powder and pepper~

  4. Sponsor over at 2:45

  5. I just ordered one with your discount code!!! Thank You!!! 😘😘😘 Now, I can make crispy califlower wings!!! I've been vegan for almost an entire year!!! I'm on the Vegan Amino App:

  6. I'm loving the blue hair!!!

  7. Paigon Davis - Natasha Lane Design Co.

    I have an air fryer and I've just been using it to make mandu (potstickers), french fries, and meatless chicken nuggets. I'm very excited to try this cauliflower recipe, especially the lazy way!

  8. Brittany Flowerday

    I just bake kale in the oven without oil or even cooking spray. I don't usually add seasoning to mine, just because I like it better that way. It doesn't stick to the pan, and I still get the same results that I want.

  9. Regarding Animals

    I need to get me an air fryer ASAP.

  10. Hi I make kale chips with tahini Yummy😋

  11. I bought the Avalon based on your recommendation and love, love, love it! I don’t have the digital but thinking about giving it to my sister in law and getting the bigger one

  12. It’s totally possible to make kale chips with no oil. They won’t burn that way either! Actually your falafel batter (with some more liquid instead of flour) would be a good coating for oil free / fat free kale chips. I usually add hemp seeds or pine nuts to the batter for fatty delicious crispiness! 😋

  13. Victoria Charlotte

    You inspired me to go vegan and start a channel. It's not very good, but I'm gonna stick with it! Thanks for creating such beautiful videos❤️

  14. Thank u for the code!! I just got mine, i was actually looking for one. I love fried foods but hate the mess of frying.

  15. Vegan Vintage Mama

    I am so convinced now to buy one of these (been coveting for ages) I love the look of the stainless steel basket one but we have different voltage in Australia so I’ll have to look for a different brand. Thanks for all the tips

  16. I'm definitely going to call my friends and try out the Cauliflower Wings!

  17. Love that shirt!! Where is it from??

  18. I just love you! You always make me laugh and you continue to be an inspiration. You are rocking it! Keep up the good work! <3

  19. 안녕하세요 레이지 비건님, 저도 님처럼 유트브 채널 만들었어요 비건홍보용이요!! Hello Cheap Lazy Vegan, I made a Korean vegan channel! Can you speak Korean?

  20. DreamingTata VeganMama

    Love air fryers! Another surprising vegetable that fries well is lettuce! I’ve had lettuce tempura and it’s unique and delicious!

  21. Can you crisp spring rolls in an air fryer?

  22. Your blue hair looks especially beautiful in this video.

  23. rose you crack me up every video 😭💕

  24. i love it when you make an english accent hahaha

  25. Hey Rose, lovely recipes, thanks 🙂 Sometimes, I find it difficult (mainly time-consuming haha) to clean the tray of the air fryer… do you have any "lazy" recommendation?

  26. You are my favourite vlogger. I'm new being a vegan, just since January. And your vlog makes me feel less strange doing it. I'm going to buy one of these. <3

  27. Your hair!!! OMG!! Do you do that yourself? What brand of hair color do you use?

  28. I'm hungry now.

  29. Put this on my wishlist…

  30. Girl, how are you "Southern", Canadian, and LA in your accents!?!?!?! Hahaha. I adore your videos because you are too cute. You make being vegan super fun, and mondo easy!! Really appreciate you and your mission!!!

  31. Falafel are traditionally severed with a cucumber yogurt sauce which you can purchase organic pre made and it's so yummy. I've even made a falafel salad. Thanks so much for the discount code!

  32. Thanks for this because my mom bought me an air fryer after i told her i wanted one. I never use it so this is helpful.

  33. Having serious air-fryer FOMO :'''''''( lmao I might have to fix that! I seriously NEED to try the buffalo cauliflower wings!

  34. Thank you for the discount code!! I've been wanting an air fryer for so long but couldn't really justify spending so much but I literally saved $25 from your code THANK YOU <3 I can't wait to try these recipes!!

  35. Sarah Windmueller

    Rose your funny! Lol.

  36. Can you make a air fryer dessert recipes 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  37. I absolutely love making air fried onion rings the same lazy method as the cauliflower wings 😍 thank air fryers for allowing us to eat stuff that tastes like junk food but isn't 🤤

  38. Danielle McElroy

    6:38 – I have made kale chips with tahini instead of oil and it worked pretty good. (But I didn't use an air fryer. Just an oven). Make sure your tahini is on the runny side

  39. Just found your channel and it’s helping me loads as I’m a newbie to this vegan lifestyle, I’m documenting the whole way and in need of some food inspiration so thank you x

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