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4 Creamy Dairy-Free Pastas

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  1. What is nutritional yeast? What's the purpose of adding it?

  2. What’s the deal with the nutritional yeast? Does it do anything to the pasta, or is it just for ‘nutrition’? I’m thinking about getting some

  3. I love the music tho

  4. Might as well call it vegan (:

  5. Can you do a video of a cold pasta salad recipe

  6. bless this fuckin video man

  7. Are you trying to kill my favorite pastas?

  8. Perfect for my little brother; he has a dairy allergy.

  9. If you can't do nuts just use some vegan mayo, a drizzle of oil, some acidity like lemon juice/vinegar, nutritional yeast, and whatever spices you want. It's amazing.

  10. strawberry.stitches

    What is nutritional yeast!? How is it different from regular yeast?!

  11. Too bad they forgot to mention Authentic Carbonara.
    Just add a few eggs and bacon.
    Dairy free, nut free, yeast free.

  12. Up next creamy shit

  13. Is there a substitute you go use instead of the cashew.

  14. I just ate and I'm hungry again.

  15. Victoria Sonnenberg

    You already know there's gonna be nutritional yeast

  16. *cries in nut allergy *

  17. Flavours of food With Aisha

    Great work👍👍😊😊

  18. Why the constant use of nutritional yeast? Is supposed to be a supplement because no dairy is involved?

  19. I would love to try these! Milk messes my tummy up 😥 plus I’ve gotta show these to my vegan sister in law, idk about the pasta noodles but I think she’ll like these

  20. Evil Zombie Squirrel

    So glad I saw no parsley in this! Can't wait to try these recipes soon 🙂

  21. Do a video on how to sauté pls i still never get it right

  22. when ur lactose intolerant and allergic to nuts yoOP

  23. why does it look gritty?

  24. Lactose intolerant crew?

  25. Carbonara is dairy-free to begin with. Otherwise looks good

  26. The Alfredo coulda used some oil and less cooked noodles. Would've looked tastier


  28. What the hell is nutritional yeast?..

  29. I've been waiting for this!!!🙌🙌

  30. Im wondering how this channel would look with tiny hands

  31. So any of y'all at tasty even know the proper way to spin spaghetti or long noodles?

  32. "What does it smell like? "
    "This smeels like Asscrack.com"

  33. I love really cheesy pasta!I am sooooo hungry! 🙁

  34. The hunger is real right now…

  35. Fml c'mon wit the diary free and vegan we get that some people have dietary restrictions but I never see the other stuff

  36. I feel like I see taste buddz everywhere on tasty's channel always. Asking the same thing all the time.

  37. nutritional yeast is very cool. my wife bought it and now i know how to use T_T XD

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