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3 Low Calorie and Low Carb Lunch Recipes

Learn 3 healthy lunch recipes that you can enjoy! Please let me know your favorite recipe in the comments down below.

Food By Rachel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEvze7_8Uv9bBs5Gs–qUuQ


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  2. Just made the turkey & sweet potato dish and it is bomb!!!!

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  4. Thumbs up for the last recipe!

  5. How many calories have in this recipe?

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  7. nice receipi.. of beautiful girl

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  9. How has she still got all her fingers, she is dangerous with a knife. Slapdash cooking, zero skills !!!

  10. Sweet Potatos have heaps of carbs

  11. Priscilla Mathews

    Great job thanks for sharing yummy

  12. sounds natural at 1.5 speed

  13. looks delish. Thanks for sharing

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  15. is sweet potato low in carb.?

  16. You dont have to clean iceberg lettuce cause it closed, the dirt cant get in 😉

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  21. Fun channel! Good luck to you!

  22. Low carb diets are extremely unhealthy. High carb, low fat is what you want. Go vegan cause this is shit!

  23. Vitamins and minerals are water soluble (that's why people make juices). When you remove the liquid from the zucchini you throw away the minerals (you destroy the vitamins by frying it). So you are only left with the cellulose, it's kind of like you are eating paper. Your body needs minerals, not paper. Eat them, don't throw them away.

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  25. Moisés Pinheiro

    Are sweet potatos high in carbs?

  26. Great recipe ideas, thanks!

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  31. Alessandro Sambo

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  34. what is the name of the food she is cooking in the beginning?

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