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3 High Protein Breakfast Recipes! FullyRaw Vegan! Thumbs up if you want more recipe videos! Subscribe to My YouTube Channel here: http://bit.ly/FRKsub
Recipes here…

2 cups organic (pure) rolled oats
Half a scoop of Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder
Dash of cinnamon
Thawed raspberries on top
Coconut Nectar

1 cup frozen raspberries
4-5 frozen bananas, peeled
1 scoop Sunwarrior Mocha Protein Powder
Topped with berries, buckwheat groates, and raw cacao nibs.

1 large thumb of ginger
1 head of cilantro or parlsey
3-4 leaves of kale
Head of romaine
Head of celery
Juice of 2 squeezed lemons
1 TB. Hawaiian Spirulina

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  1. Yummy breakfast♥️👍😁💃

  2. Did u dye ur hair

  3. Thank you for these recipes!

  4. Anything savory and solid for breakfast? This reminds me of baby food.

  5. Looks
    Like something you would eat on a space craft! Lol

  6. I'm confused. Oats? Protein powder? What happened to eating from nature? Why all the processed and non raw foods? Could we get some clarification? Are you changing your diet? Are you no longer 80/10/10? Is there a reason for it?

  7. thankx kristina! beautiful new video, just i dont like the music 🙁 I´m inspired by Anthony William, medical medium, best ever!

  8. Think i got a contact high from the green juice🤪🙃😜😋🤗😚

  9. I became fill raw vegan😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆✨

  10. Awesome Christina and I love the creative and healthy use of some grains, I do something similar but I welcome this as I can now also eat it for lunch. I am getting that 1-2 raw meals a day. Thanks and keep sharing. love your work. Blessings

  11. Hayley Porter's Guide To Natural Healing

    Thank you sweet goddess!!! I am pregnant now and CRAVING high protein breakfasts! Thank you for the inspiration!!! 🌈🌹🌈mwah!

  12. Knecht Catherine

    At last! affordable meals with grains! Never too late.

  13. I feel like I´m watching plates and bowls rush by in a car

  14. The video quality and production = Next Level. Super Loved it.

  15. Matilda Sundvall

    I wish I had a juicer…

  16. Hello ❤️ A question, can someone please recommend a Juicer for both regular and leafy vegetables. Thank you.

  17. You are one of my fave and most inspiring youtubers and this is not to insult you but you put on a lot of weight. If I may say – pls watch it – would be nice to see you back with that nice slim figure. x

  18. Aren't you ashamed of what you are wearing exposing skin and then pretending to be modest

  19. Ariane sweetcookielover

    I thought ats weren’t raw?

  20. These receipes look yummy and healthy! As a vegan, I eat one to two raw vegan meals most days. Use only CF vegan cosmetics. It is a great lifestyle!!!

  21. Mia Klose Food TV

    First video I’m watching from you! Everything looks fantastic! Thank you! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  22. This new editing lately is so amazing another awesome video ! X

  23. Czesc tu Sebastian. Perfect recepies! Are you able to prepare some nice dishes with MelOOns? 8)

  24. ROLLED OATS ARE NOT RAW, THEY ARE STEAMED DURING PROCESSING!!! This is NOT a fullyraw recipe. Plus grains are challenging for most people. I feel that Kristina is compromising here. Sorry.

  25. Fabulous video. You are looking fantastic and the recipes all look amazing, especially that green juice. The color! It looks like health in a jar. Thank You!!!!! Oh, and I like the music as well. 🙂 Nice high energy.

  26. Flat Earth Ancap

    Protein-rich foods are not good things to eat. We need aminoacids from fruits to thrive. https://youtu.be/ukLThTbctOg

  27. AndrewWasHere 82

    You have any savory breakfast recipes? 😋 Yumm!!

  28. Rolled oats arent raw

  29. Great ideas! Will you please do banana-free options as well?

  30. Dang girl, that was one green green juice 😄 everything looked delicious as always x

  31. Any low carb for a diabetic?

  32. Uncooked oats will wreck havoc with your digestive system

  33. shroomingnewman 3

    the music used was really out of place and awkward

  34. Can you do high protein recipes without the protein powder….

  35. Nicole Brightman

    Hi Kristina! Thank you for all your fabulous content. I have been following your channel for a couple of years now and am always inspired by your awesome attitude and great recipes. You are very much appreciated! Much love! I wanted to know what juicer you are using in this video. I have been searching for a new juicer and would love your suggestion! XO

  36. yummy!! love new ideas!

  37. Is have to get used to that green smoothie. I love green smoothies but just greens….I'd have to work on that. Looks yummy.. Ill try that

  38. As much as I love oatmeal…I can't eat them soft. Texture issue. I like it with just a little hot water and cinnamon. Crunchy

  39. Hey, THANK YOU for posting recipes in your descriptions, again!!

  40. Please explain the oats. Rolled oats are steamed.

  41. Love your song selection 👌🏼 #2 looks so delicious 😋

  42. Love the new video style👏🏼👏🏼🥑🍎🍓🍉🥒🥝🌶🍅🍑

  43. Is your hair darker? Btw great video ❤️

  44. My fav breakfast currently is cinnamon sugar toast 😍 might not be the most healthy option lol, but it’s so delicious! Love this video by the way, can’t wait to try out these recipes!

  45. I like when you talk and tell us what’s in the recipes, that’s just me though. Yummy as always

  46. What kind of camera / filter do you use?? Videos look beautiful 😄

  47. ive been posting on ur insta everyday hoping to win a spoon or some oils keep posting and making videos love them thanks

  48. Nice music selection

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