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2 Easy Pasta Recipes and the Science Behind Parmesan Cheese’s Signature Flavor

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Host Bridget Lancaster uncovers the secrets for making perfect Pasta e Ceci. Next, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges host Julia Collin Davison to a tasting of parmesan. Then, science expert Dan Souza reveals the science behind parmesan’s signature flavor. Finally, test cook Elle Simone shows Bridget how to make the ultimate Penne Arrabbiata.

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  1. I'm so gonna try this tonight.

  2. Regards Parmagiano cheese – I get the real Parmagiano Regiano – it's about $10 for 4oz. but well worth it. And you're in Boston which is synonymous with angry people on the highways.

  3. I did not subscribe to you

  4. You two rule! Time for someone to give you your own show.

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