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बिनअंड्याचा नी बिनलोण्याचा चॉकलेट केक | Eggless Chocolate cake recipe | Ep – 285

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Chocolate cake is all time favourite. This one is eggless and we are making it in cooker. We will see how to make icing for it too. So do try this simple and delicious recipe at home and drop a comment for me. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe.

For Cake
• 1 cup Maida / All purpose flour
• 1 tbsp Unsweetened cocoa powder
• 1/2 tsp Baking powder
• 1/2 tsp Baking soda
• 1 tsp Lemon juice
• A pinch of Salt
• 3 tbsp Oil
• 1/4 tsp Vanilla essence
• 1/2 cup Powdered sugar
• 1/2 cup Water
For Cake Frosting:
• 1 1/2 cup Powdered sugar
• 3 tbsp Unsweetened cocoa powder
• 2 tsp Milk
• 1/4 cup Soft Butter

• Take a baking tin and line up wax paper at its base.
• Grease the tin really good with oil and keep it aside.
• You can use aluminium foil instead of wax paper.
• Take cooker and remove its whistle and ring.
• Add a thin layer of salt at the base.
• If you are using aluminium cooker then give a thin layer of baking
soda at the base so that the cooker will be cleaned.
• Put a dish in the cooker, close the lid and preheat the cooker on
medium heat.
For Cake:
• In a bowl take maida, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda,
a pinch of salt and powdered sugar.
• Mix everything well together.
• Take a bowl and put a sieve on it.
• Sieve the dry ingredients through it once to remove any lumps of
cocoa powder or baking soda will be removed.
• Add oil, vanilla essence and water. Mix well.
• Do not over mix.
• If you over mix the batter then the cake will be dense.
• So mix carefully. Add lemon juice and mix well.
• Pour out the batter into the baking tray and spread it evenly.
• Tap the tin to remove the air bubbles if any.
• Take the preheated cooker and put an empty pot in it.
• Place the dish and the cake tin over it.
• Close the lid and bake on medium heat for about 30 minutes.
• If you want to bake the cake in cooker then preheat the oven and
bake 180 deg C for about 25-30 minutes.
For Icing:
• Take the powdered sugar in a bowl.
• Add cocoa powder, a pinch of salt, butter that is at room
temperature and vanilla essence.
• Mix all the ingredients well with butter.
• Add a little milk at a time to adjust the consistency and mix well.
• 2-2 1/2 tsp milk will be enough.
• Beat the mixture well for about 8-10 minutes to make it light and
• You can use hand blender for this.
Garnishing of Cake:
• Take the cake out of the cooker and check it with a tooth pick or
fork or knife.
• If it comes out clean the cake is ready.
• Let the cake cool down for about 10-15 minutes.
• Loosen the sides with a knife.
• Take a dish and put it on the tray and flip the tray over.
• Remove the wax paper.
• Remove the upper layer of the cake with the help of a knife.
• If you want then you can cut one more layer of the cake.
• In a bowl take powdered sugar and add water in it.
• Mix well and dissolve the sugar.
• Add the sugar water on the cake to keep it moist.
• Take a dish in which you want to garnish the cake.
• Line it up with wax paper to all the sides.
• This will help to keep the plate clean as the frosting will stick to
the dish.
• Put the base in the dish and add sugar syrup on other side of the
cake as well.
• Take the frosting and add it on the cake and spread it evenly.
• Spread it to the edges as well.
• When the cake is covered with icing from all sides add sprinkles
for garnishing.
• Remove the wax paper and chocolate cake with icing is already.

• If you want to use homemade powdered sugar, grind the sugar
very fine in a mixer and sieve it through a sooji sieve 1 or 2 times.
You also can sieve the powdered sugar through thin cloth.
• Use the butter that is at room temperature or soft butter. If you
use hard butter the icing will not be good.
• Lemon juice helps to make the cake light, moist and fluffy. As we
are making egg less cake this step is essential.
• Sugar syrup helps to keep the cake nice and moist.

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